How Orthopedic ASCs Take the Patient Experience to the Next Level


At the 20th Annual Spine, Orthopedic + Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference, the audience was buzzing with anticipation as the session, How Orthopedic ASCs Take the Patient Experience to the Next Level, was about to begin. 

The panel was made up of an all-star lineup of experts, including Timothy Ekpo, Orthopedic Surgeon, Henry Ford Hospital; Bruce Feldman, Administrator, Downtown Bronx Ambulatory Surgery Center; James Loging, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Palmetto Bone and Joint; and Jessica Roberts-Becerra, MSN, RN, Ne-BC, Administrator and Director, Nursing, South Carolina ENT Surgical Center. The session was moderated by Brian Zimmerman, Assistant Vice President, Client Content and Strategy, Becker's Healthcare. With such a distinguished panel of professionals, the audience was eager to hear what the session had to offer.

Key Takeaways 

1: Recruitment and retention are challenging in the post-COVID healthcare industry.

Mr. Feldman identifies recruitment and retention as the most difficult issues post-COVID.

2: Staff flexibility and empowerment are crucial to recruitment strategies.

Ms. Roberts-Becerra suggests implementing a system of staff empowerment through flexibility and staff rounding to ask hard questions, involving them in decision-making.

3: Mitigating risks involved in complex procedures and creating a positive atmosphere through an educational class, referral bonus and concierge service can enhance patient experience.

The ASC space has risks involved in complex procedures, but an educational class, an internal referral bonus program, and providing concierge service can help create a positive atmosphere.

4: Patient communication preferences, technology, and sharing survey results constructively are crucial to patient satisfaction surveys.

To get patient satisfaction surveys, it is essential to understand their communication preferences, use technology to push notifications, and share survey results constructively.

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