How Dr. Alok Sharan leverages IV infusions in spine care

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Alok Sharan, MD, recently incorporated an IV vitamin infusion regimen at his practice, Spine and Performance Institute in Edison, N.J. 

The IV infusions, called Spinfuzion, is used to provide additional support to spine patients, according to its website. Dr. Sharan discussed the benefits of Spinfuzion at his practice.

Note: Responses were edited lightly for clarity.

Question: Who are the best candidates for Spinfuzion treatment?

Dr. Alok Sharan: The ideal candidates for Spinfuzion treatment encompass a range of individuals. These include individuals who are gearing up for orthopedic spine surgery or those in the post-surgery recovery phase, where muscle preservation and reduced inflammation are crucial to success.

Q: Of the cases you’ve done with Spinfuzion, how have the results been? How do they compare to patients who go through conventional spine care?

AS: At the Spine and Performance Institute, traditional spine surgery patients, especially those who undergo awake spine surgery, receive a tremendous improvement in pain relief. To be able to achieve an even greater relief, at SPI we are trying to utilize a more holistic approach to help patients reach that 100 percent relief. Through IV vitamin infusions that we deliver both pre-op and post-op we are one step closer to doing so. Among the orthopedic patients who have already undergone this treatment, they have shared impressive enhancements in their sleep quality, energy levels and overall sense of well-being.

Q: What percentage of patients have shown interest in Spinfuzion since you introduced it?

AS: When we have a discussion with the patient undergoing spine surgery or the patient with a general orthopedic condition, interest in receiving the IV vitamin infusion is high. Soon we would like to integrate IV vitamin infusions as routine treatment for most surgical patients as well as patients with orthopedic problems.

Q: What should other spine practices consider if they want to bring IV infusion into their practices?

AS: For spine practices considering the integration of IV vitamin infusions, it's crucial to recognize that while this approach can be a valuable component of holistic care, it should complement rather than replace good nutrition, physical therapy, and overall health management. To effectively bring IV infusions into a spine practice, focus on several key considerations. First and foremost, identifying the right candidates for this treatment and establishing well-defined treatment protocols to guide administration lay the foundation for success. Most notably, creating robust monitoring and follow-up systems can help achieve the optimal patient outcomes that we are seeking as healthcare providers.

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